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[Answered] Disabling Split Screen

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  • [Answered] Disabling Split Screen

    How can I disable the split screen option?

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    If you inspect the dom you will see the button has a CSS class of 'vv-ctrlbar-funscn-icon'.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.58.36 AM.png

    You can add styles to that class in your valence instances Portal/default.css which resides in the resources folder. Example location - /valence-5.x/resources/desktop/themes/css/Portal/default.css

    An example of adding a style to vv-ctrlbar-funscn-icon that will hide the split view button.
    Why would you want to remove this feature from your users?



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      I'm getting problem reports of visual issues when people try to close split screen reports. The remaining window does not maximize.

      My own split screen button has disappeared and I an unable to replicate the issue. So, I was wondering if the split screen was a user specific setting in a cookie, or server side setting that makes the split button disappear.


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        The split screen button only displays on larger screens/resolution.

        Could we schedule a quick online meeting next week to see this issue your users are experiencing? We would like to get it fixed.



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          I have done some experimenting, and I now see that you have to run your browser full screen to get the split screen icon. Even if you run a huge browser window that is non-maximized, the split arrow will not show. It makes sense.

          I am still running Ext 3.4 apps, and have been struggling with the move to Valence 5, due to that. I'm sure that the split screen issues are related to that.


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            Ok, if you need assistance moving your older Ext JS 3 applications to the latest we do provide services for that. Thanks


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              That css change worked great. I changed the dracula.css and metal.css also. Thanks.


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                So, I'm thinking that the preferred method would be to modify the overrides.css, rather than the individual default.css, dracula.css and metal.css

                I am correct in thinking that overrides.css is not overwritten during a version upgrade?