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Valence 4.2 : first remarks

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  • Valence 4.2 : first remarks

    i've noticed (when trying to compile some 4.1 programs into 4.2) that the constants 'FALSE / TRUE' are no longer defined in the qcpylesrc/vvutilityd .. this problem was easy to solve,... but i'm a little afraid for some other 'changes that are not documented..... BTW what was the reason to remove these?

    also, i have a app that is still in development (created with S.A.. running in 4.1.. with Extjs 5.0...)
    i was thinking why not immediately start using the 4.2 ... but trying to run the same app in 4.2 is no longer possible... (with Extjs 5.1)..
    and i must say i find this really frustrating,

    Whenever extjs is launching a new version, one has to cross the fingers and hope that everything still works..; rather than digging in the logic and having to find out why it is now firing an error...


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    We try to be thorough in our release notes but sometimes there are missed items. The FALSE/TRUE constants were removed in 4.2 because they were considered redundant to *OFF/*ON. That adjustment wasn’t documented because we thought it was only being used within the Valence programs we were distributing, but thanks for the heads-up...I'll add that to the change list in case others run into it.

    If you have an app started in Sencha Architect and you want to upgrade it from Ext JS 5.0 to the new Ext JS 5.1.1, open the app in Sencha Architect 3.2. In the Project Inspector right-click the Library and choose the option to "Upgrade to Ext JS 5.1.X".


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      Moved this thread to the Support forum.


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        I just updated our 4.2 instance from 4.2.20151020.0 to 4.2.20160126.0. Recompiles are failing because of the FALSE/TRUE issue. Was this something introduced after the 4.2.20151020.0 release?


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          Not to my knowledge... TRUE/FALSE was removed from vvUtility in 4.2 in favor of the more conventional *ON/*OFF RPG constants, as explained here.

          Are you sure you had recompiled those particular programs in 4.2 before? If you definitely did recompile them before, perhaps someone had put the TRUE/FALSE constants back into VVUTILITY/QCPYLESRC(VVUTILITYD) at some point on your system, which of course would've been overwritten on a subsequent upgrade.