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Problem with single quote using vvIn_Char

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  • Problem with single quote using vvIn_Char

    I'm having an issue with vvIn_Char. If a string has been copied and pasted into a text field in the browser from another editor (like Microsoft Word or an HTML formatted email), a single quote character comes in via vvIn_Char as unrecognizable. It looks like a square when viewed in debug and in the database. Any idea how to resolve this?

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    MS Word and other applications use special unicode characters for certain symbols and punctuation, which often won't show as expected when stored in a standard DB2 character field. Always have to be different... :-)

    Below is a listing of some of those special characters:
    Symbol Encoding
    single quotes and apostrophe \u2018\u2019\u201A
    double quotes \u201C\u201D\u201E
    ellipsis \u2026
    dashes \u2013\u2014
    circumflex \u02C6
    open angle bracket \u2039
    close angle bracket \u203A
    spaces \u02DC\u00A0
    A quick and simple way to convert those symbols is with a regex on the front-end. For example, let's say a user has copied this text from MS Word:


    This is going into a text field with an itemId of userNotes, and the slanted single apostrophe in "We're" is going to cause problems when stored in a standard physical file's character field. Before we send the value to the back end RPG program, we'll have the front end replace the symbol for single quotes/apostrophe with a standard single quote character...

    I'm having issues wrapping the code, so below is an image: SymbolReplace.png
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      I see what you did there. ;-)
      Nice. Thanks Johnny...I'll give this a shot!


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        Update: Worked like a charm. Thanks!!