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  • Grid times out

    I have an SQL that takes a while to return the records to the grid. I'm looking for ways to make the SQL statement more efficient and faster, but in the meantime I'm wondering how to extend the time that the grid has to receive the records before it times out. When I run my SQL statement outside of Valence, it always returns records but it can take some time. When I run it in my backend RPG program to send to Valence, sometimes the grid will just stop loading the data after a while and not show anything.

    For this app, how can I extend the time bofore it times out?

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    The Ext.Ajax.request allows for a timeout to be passed that will override the 30 seconds.

    Example overriding the timeout to 50 seconds
    HTML Code:
         timeout : 50000, //defaults to 30 seconds 30000 milliseconds
         url     : '/valence/vvcall.pgm',
         params  : {
            pgm : 'EXGRIDALL'
    Changing the timeout on the ajax proxy to 50 seconds
    HTML Code:
        proxy: {
            type        : 'ajax',
            timeout     : 50000,
            extraParams : {
                pgm: 'exgridall'
            url         : '/valence/vvcall.pgm',
            reader      : {
                type: 'json',
                rootProperty: 'DEMOCMAST'