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App fails to load when set to open in new browser window

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  • App fails to load when set to open in new browser window

    Ever since upgrading to valence 6.2, my apps that are set to open in a new browser window will infinitely load. I've had to set them back to opening in a valence tab for them to load properly. I need these apps to open in a new window that way they look decent on an android phone, since mobile doesn't seem to work for android yet.

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    When you say 'infinitely load,' do you only see a white screen? Regarding Valence Mobile on Android, what specific issues are you experiencing?


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      When it launches in a new browser tab it simply shows this:
      bug.pngThe loading image is not frozen so its acting like its still trying, but it will just sit at that forever.

      As for the mobile issue, I didn't realize there was an actual app, I thought it was just for using a browser on mobile, so I'll have to get that setup and see how things look, thanks,


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        We have successfully replicated this issue and it will be resolved in the upcoming Valence 6.2 update.