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Exporting remote database data source

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  • Exporting remote database data source

    Hello, I have run into this issue a couple times now. Exporting an app with a widget that is built on a data source that uses the remote data source feature doesn't work completely. What I mean is the data source gets corrupted. All the other elements of the app work fine, but I get nothing but timeout errors in the widget and data source that use the remote database. I just have to completely recreate the data source and widget and re add them to my app and reconfigure all the behaviors.
    Is there any known issues exporting an app with a remote data source? I used the export to instance wizard in NAB as well as exporting a savf and then importing that.

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    Hi, in Portal Admin > Remote Databases, is the remote data source ID on the instance from which you exported the app the same as the ID on the import instance?


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      It is not. In Dev that RDB has ID 1004; in the QA instance (where the app that uses that RDB was being exported to) , the RDB has ID 1002


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        We just ran into the issue again. I created duplicate Remote Databases to get the ID to 1004 in our QA environment. Then reexported the app and it worked.


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          FYI, this should be fixed now in the latest build.