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  • Sessions staying active

    In a Kerberos instance, sessions remain active after closing browser tabs. I can go into active sessions, I only have 1 session active and I'm in the Active Sessions app... and it shows I have over 30 active sessions. As do other users.

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    We believe this may be somewhat fixed in a new Valence 6 build that was just pushed out a moment ago (6.0.20211209.1).

    Prior to this build, if a user auto-logged in to the Valence Portal via Kerberos, took an action of some sort (i.e., launched an app), then closed their browser tab within 30 seconds (prior to the first back-end poll), then they would not get the standard "Leave Site?" pop-up window confirmation from the browser. This meant the user's closure of the browser tab was not triggering a controlled exit/unload event, so the underlying Valence session would remain active until it eventually timed out.

    With this latest build, that specific problem with the 30 second polling threshold is resolved. However, the user must still take some sort of an action within the Portal -- such as launching an app or clicking on something inside the page -- in order for the session to be properly terminated when they close the tab. If they never take any action inside the Portal at all and just close the browser tab, then the browser never acknowledges any activity occurred inside the page. It thus does not trap the exit event and leaves the underlying Valence session "active" until it times out.

    Unfortunately this is a browser behavior that cannot be overridden or controlled by the framework. But hopefully it's a relatively rare occurrence.

    If you find any other scenarios that appear to be causing this non-terminated session condition to happen, please let us know.