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CAPS LOCK on when logging in

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  • CAPS LOCK on when logging in

    I just laid down 0818. I had asked for, and received, this enhancement:
    • Portal - Login: Added new functionality to inform user if caps lock is on when invalid password entered
    I was excited. Elated, even! Naturally I was eager to try it out

    I was expecting to see a message in the sign-on screen but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?
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    You should see a snackbar message at the bottom of the screen...


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      OK, I see it now. It blends in with my task bar. It's a bit subtle and out of sight, my attention is on the red message. It also goes away with the slightest touch of the mouse or mousepad, even though CAPS LOCK is still on. I was expecting it in the logon window. We can't append "Caps lock is on" to that red "Password for user is incorrect" message or at least make it stay put?

      I know you probably can't make it work like the Windows sign-on screen, as soon as you hit caps lock, it says that and it stays put...

      it's better than what we had before. Thank you!


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        I agree it's an easy message to miss... We'll see if we can improve on the caps lock notification in the next build.


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          The next update will have an icon in the password field to represent when the caps lock is on.