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Portal Admin, Environment screen has some issues

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  • Portal Admin, Environment screen has some issues

    Take an environment that has a good long list of libraries and Copy it
    (BTW pressing the escape button is a way-too-easy way to lose your work without a warning)
    Then Add 1 library
    It adds it to the bottom. I want it on position 2
    You can drag and drop but the list view will not scroll up once you reach the top of the list while dragging so the best you can do is drop it to the top of the visible list, use the scroll bar to scroll up and repeat. It's tedious. The grid view doesn't show the library I just added at all. And there's no scroll bar in the grid view when there are more libraries than the grid can display on the screen.
    That drag and drop feature... when I select the library I want to move, nothing is really visibly "selected" and it's very hard to tell what I am actually moving. The translations pane... I have no idea what that does. The Portal Admin Edit Environments app could use some love. I avoid the app altogether and just DBU VVENVS as it's not workable for any environment with more than a couple of libraries. It is not a high priority,

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    We will take a look at the drag scrolling.

    The grid does scroll to the bottom of the least it does in our testing. I am on a Mac and never do see a scroll bar until I start scrolling (that is by design).

    The Translations section is for multi-lingual functionality. Suppose you add a new environment named "Production", you may want to provide a translation for each language.


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      You can find out what the translations are and other items via the guides;


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        Drag drop scrolling will be added for the next update. I also found that the "tile" view did not scroll (maybe that is what you meant as opposed to the "grid" view)? Anyhow, that will be fixed as well on the next update.


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          Yes, I meant tile view. scroll does not work there. Perhaps a "add before/after library X" feature would be nice instead if just dumping it at the bottom. Perhaps just a single row like it is in the file is better, certainly easier to maintain and this is a function done by an admin/developer type anyway and infrequently to boot.

          What would also be awesome is adding support for "Use library list from JOBD". A lot of shops including ours use job descriptions to set library lists for their various environments. By and large a Valence environment is probably a library list that matches the library list on a JOBD, plus the valence library (which should probably always be somewhere near the top of the list anyway. Most shops use a JOBD and/or sysval QUSRLIBL to set their application library list. The Valence instance library list should pretty much match one's application library list., + VALENCE6. (or whatever the Valence instance is called). Added benefit of referring to a JOBD is that if I have to add a library to my application's library list, I add it to the JOBD and if Valence points to that JOBD I do not have to remember to update environments in various valence instances, too. Just food for thought on a possible alternative way how one defines an environment in a Valence instance....