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Prompt User With Confirmation no longer working

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  • Prompt User With Confirmation no longer working

    Starting with the June 10 release, it appears the Prompt User With Confirmation function is not working for freshly-created buttons.

    I have added a button with this behavior, calling an RPG program with Confirmation text. The confirmation is meant to be unconditional - always displayed. See Image1 attached. At run-time, however, the message is not being displayed, and the RPG program is being called successfully.

    This is what is being generated under the covers:
    "clk": [{
    "typ": "sys",
    "mth": "rpg",
    "act": "removeTask",
    "doc": "",
    "timeout": "30",
    "mask": "app",
    "maskText": "",
    "pgm": "TK004BTN1",
    "cnf": "Do you want to remove selected Tasks/Subtasks?",
    "cnfAv": ["", ""],
    "onst": [{
    "typ": "sys",
    "mth": "refresh"

    Even if I associate a known-true AppVar with this confirmation, it is still not being displayed.

    Buttons created before the June 10 release which have confirmations are behaving correctly (and don't have the cnfAv specification in the Json).

    Could this be getting cross-wired with the new June 10 feature allowing AppVars for each field in Prompt for more Info??
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    This issue has been fixed with the 6.0.20210708 update.