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Custom rendering not applied to Downloads

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  • Custom rendering not applied to Downloads

    My app contains a grid where one column contains custom javascript rendering.
    The column actually starts with a sequence code for sorting purposes, but I render the sequence code away for visual purposes.
    The javascript code is:
    return v.substr(13);

    When using either the Excel or the PDF download function, this field appears in its full form without the rendering applied.
    Should it?
    Note this is a Group field, if that makes any difference.

    I suppose I can use the widget's Excel Override and PDF Override tabs to address this, but it appears that I would need to recreate the entire XLS or PDF, not just tweak the one column.
    Is that correct?

    P.S. It also doesn't respect the Hide Zero Values setting, but that's less important.

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    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for reporting and in the next Valence 6 update it will handle group column formatting/hide zero values in PDF & Excel.

    You're correct, as soon as you select one column in the override section you are overriding the columns in the download.