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Search on NAB widget auto filled with login ID

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  • Search on NAB widget auto filled with login ID

    Hi Support,

    Using Valence 6.0.20210322.0 I built a new NAB app to maintain a simple "messages" file. There appears to be a problem with the search field in the top right of the grid widget that continually auto fills with my login ID ("PS") that is connected to the URL of our IBMi which also hosts the valence portal. The result is that I get a cleared result page because the search is auto filled with "PS". This happens both in gaoogle Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

    Attached is screen shots of the flow showing the problem.

    I'm not sure how to tell the browser that the "search" field is not a login ID.

    NAB widget auto fill.docx

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    Hi Peter,

    Does this happen all your grid widgets that have search enabled?



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      This is the first grid application where we use search function. However, even the standard example "Customer Maintenance" has the same issue. Upon launch the grid is displayed in full then, when I click on any any customer, the grid is greyed out, the popup is rendered, the background greyed out grid widget is refreshed with the search inserted and it renders a filtered list. When I exit from the popup the grid list is refreshed to show only customers that contain the "PS" as per search. I tested this by changing a name to include "PS".


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        We're unable to replicate this auto-fill phenomenon on our end, but we've added some logic to the search filter that should prevent this from occurring. This adjustment will be included in the next build.