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  • vvMail relay for Office 365

    Hi Support,

    We have a deep technical issue with vvMail. Last month we moved from Google Mail to Microsoft 365 Mail. Our setup uses SMTP relay to route Valence mail through our mail provider. Under Google that worked fine (using port 587). When we moved to Office 365 and changed the configuration in Portal Settings the relay worked fine until last week.

    Office 365 relay works with our other local servers (e.g. scanners that email documents to staff and customers or Windows servers that email finvoices to customers). However, Valence mail has stopped working.

    I traced the logic to the point where it executes "javax.mail.Transport" and that returns an error. I tried TLS and non TLS configs, neither work on Valence any more. I changed the configuration back to Gmail and that still works (until we turn off Gmail).

    I'm not sure what the prblem is but I did read that Microsoft was deprecating TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and customers need to move to TLS 1.2 in March. Is there a newer version of "javax.mail.Transport" that implements TLS 1.2? This is very important for us.

    Thank You.

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    Hi Peter,

    We have added TLS 1.2 encryption support to VVMAIL in the latest Valence 6 build (6.0.20210322). Please download that and see if it resolves your issue.