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Nitro query app running on mobile phone

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  • Nitro query app running on mobile phone

    We have a simple nitro query app showing summarised daily sales. I'm trying to run it on Samsung Galaxy S20+ with latest Android 11.

    Installing and configuring the mobile portal was fine and it forced me to nominate an auto start app. When I logged on, the app just hung. Every time I tried to open the app, it just hung without asking me to log on again.

    I'm not sure how this is supposed to work because you install the Valence portal only once so its not clear how to start musliple Apps.

    I can provide login credentials to see this issue in detail.

    We plan to move to Valence 6 soon so that may overcome the problem.


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    Hi Peter,

    On your device can you successfully launch the Errors application?



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      There are no errors showing in the errors app.

      I re-installed the portal, configured without auto start app and it brought up the navigation menu. Nitro query app then launched OK but it had minor problem showing no grand total. I then tried another Nitro query and it worked. Then I closed the app and restarted again and it went into a spin, greyed out, with the message "loading previous apps". Now I can't log on again because it continues trying to load previous apps.

      This isn't a major problem right now. We can wait for mobile apps.