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  • Download to Excel Formatting Problem

    I developed a new app and used the File Maintenance AutoCode as my base. When I open the excel download, the cells are not consistent in their data placement. Some are at the top of the cell. Others are in the middle and on the bottom. Could you please, next update, change this so the data is in the same place for each cell?

    Thank You

    Please see attached.


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    Hi Joeseph,

    Thanks for the heads-up, we'll certainly address this on the next build. By default the cell alignment properties of the .xlsx spreadsheets generated through VVOUT come from a template file called vvSSTemplate.xlsx, which resides in /valence42/resources/templates/.

    The corrected file is attached, so you can resolve this issue on your system right now by unzipping this file and uploading it to your IFS, replacing the one currently there.


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      The Time and Timestamp fields still look wrong. Will wait for next update. Thanks.


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        Okay, the new 4.2 build is available now, so see if that fixes it for you (you can download it here). With this new build it seems to work fine for me -- date and timestamp columns are vertically aligned the same as everything else.