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  • Set Filter link variable

    Does the Set Filters link-to-App-Variables work in all cases?

    I have an app which has three widgets that each have a combo-box dropdown filter.
    A Grid widget in the Main Section
    A Timeline widget
    A popup grid widget

    Each has the same combo-box filter, using the same data source to drive the dropdown.

    I have set the same Set Filter app var on each widget.
    The Main Grid works perfectly - filtering to the App Var's value.
    The Timeline widget shows the filter value in the combo box, but does not apply the filter to the timelines (unless I explicitly push Apply).
    The popup Grid shows nothing in the combo box, and no filtering is being applied.

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    We will attempt to replicate and take a look



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      We have replicated the issue you are seeing with your timeline widget. It actually is not related specifically to the timeline widget but to any widget that is not currently visible. We will make a change to automatically filter the data even if the widget is currently hidden.

      The other issue with the popup widget is related to the nature of how app variables work. Your app variable is linked to 3 combo boxes in 3 separate widgets. It will be easier to explain if I outline the chain of events that take place.
      • App variable gets set to value "XYZ"
      • The combobox in the main grid detects the change and automatically sets the combo value.
      • The combobox in the timeline detects the change and automatically sets the combo value.
      • NAB then "resets" (set to blank/null) the value of your app variable.
      • User clicks something to show your popup window.
      • The combobox in the popup window sees a blank/null value for the app variable so does not do anything.
      A linked app variable is only acted upon if the app variable changes. This is why we reset the app variable in this case. This way you may set your app variable to "XYZ" again later and it will detect the change.

      We are trying to think of a more elegant solution but for now you will just have to create another app variable for your popup window combobox.


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        Both of these issues will be handled in the upcoming 6.2 release. Your hidden widget will automatically filter and you will be able to use the single app variable for all of your widget combo boxes.