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Unable to save NAB app

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  • Unable to save NAB app

    I have a NAB dashboard that contained 3 charts. I added a 4th chart and enabled vertical scrolling. Every seems OK in the NAB editor, but it will not save the app.

    The save button appears to allow me to "click" it.

    Maybe rather than scrolling for the 4th chart, I should have a button to toggle between the two?

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    Can you tell us the full Valence version number?


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      Valence Framework 6.0.20211209.0


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        We cannot replicate this issue. Any other details you can share? Do you have fixed heights specified on any of the widgets? Are all of the widgets in the "Main" section?


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          All widgets are in the main section.
          All widgets have a fixed height of 300
          Again, I clicked the "Allow vertical scrolling" because they're off the screen.

          two widgets side by side
          one widget (spanning horizontally)
          one widget (spanning horizontally)

          Even the NAB editor is behaving funny... the margins keep changing as I select each widget.
          2022-02-04 15_38_36-Valence 6.0.png


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            I would expect the margins to change as you select each widget because it looks like you have different margins set (looking at your screenshot).

            However, I still cannot replicate the error so it must be something else.

            Can you reach out to support@cnxcorp.com to arrange an online meeting?


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              Well... I was able to fix it. I'm not sure how. NAB stopped responding.

              I enabled vertical scrolling - then saved.
              I added the new widget - then saved.
              I moved he new widget - then saved.

              I had to resize all both of my detail grids as they somehow went to 50x50.

              Previously I was doing all of these steps before saving. I'm not sure if I could recreate it now.

              I'm satisfied to let sleeping dogs lie...