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NAB: Enhanced Add for Multi-file Data Sources

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  • NAB: Enhanced Add for Multi-file Data Sources

    Hi, would it be possible to make the Edit Grid a little smarter in this scenario ,,,

    I have a data source that joins FILEA to FILEB on A.FIELD1 = B.FIELD1. I then create an Edit Grid widget that I use to update fields in both FILEA and FILEB. Changing and Deleting a row works fine. I don’t allow the user to change the FIELD1 key field in either file as that would upset the database integrity.

    The problem I have is with Add … If I allow the user to Add a row it will add a record to both FILEA and FILEB but B.FIELD1 is blank. I assume that is because I haven’t even made B.FIELD1 available in the Data Source as there is no need. I don’t want the user to have to enter the value twice and then also add validation to check they match.

    I know I can probably get around this problem with an RPG validation program but I think there may also be a case for the Edit Grid to populate the FIELD1 field in both files when it is used as a join field. The would be a very useful enhancement because it would mean you could create a complete CRUD application over a more complex database with no need for RPG. I accept it may only be truly be useful with an INNER join but it would still be technically ok to use with an OUTER join.