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way to display badges on the icons on the portal

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  • way to display badges on the icons on the portal

    maybe a nice feature could be to be able to display badges on the icons of apps that are on the portal.

    f.e i have an NAB -app that when launched shows unprocessed shipment notes.
    Now a user must open the app in order to see if a shipment was already made or not.. could be nice feature to have this as a badge that shows the number of unprocessed shipm.notes..

    (if f.e the badge info could be taken from a new field, in the app-definition record from valence, we could update this field from within iseries RPG/SQL..

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    Hi Thierry,

    We have added this feature request to our tracking system. Thanks


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      Hi Thierry - this feature will be included in the next update.


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        This is available as of 5.2.20190307.0.

        In order to activate this feature you will need to create a program based off of the EXEXITBDG program shell included in the Valence library.

        Then go to Portal Admin -> Settings and enter the name of your program under Exit Programs / App badge control program.

        The program that you create will automatically be called during the already existing poll process. So depending on how often you have the poll interval set is how often the badge data will be updated.