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  • Spool File control

    Hi Guys. I think I mentioned this long ago, before you even wrote the Spool File Viewer, but it would really be useful to have the options (some of them) in the WRKSPLF command. At a minimum, the ability to release a spool file (option 6) to print. The ideal would be to also respond to messages (option 7) and also to change printers (option 2).

    Some spool files you don't always print so, server side, you'd like them to be Held, then give users option of releasing to print. I don't think it is critical to provide all that stuff you can do in Option 2, like copies, save, etc. Just basic move it from this Outq to another.

    As it stands now, I have to make users create a 5250 session just to do this, and only this. Thanks!