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Front end App or Helper that works like vv_Secure.isMember

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  • Front end App or Helper that works like vv_Secure.isMember

    I just hit a spot in an app it would have been very helpful to know if logged in user was in a certain security group before making a server call. I wanted to limit a print (to PDF) function to just HR and not shopfloor or other users. The call to does not seem to allow me to return a msg saying "not authorized". I'd have to make AJAX call and get that info from server before determining whether to make that call to download. Alternatively, allowing a Success/Failure response to download would also work. But I suspect that might be difficult.

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    Hi Terry -

    Rather than determine this authority each time, why not retrieve the information (isHR : true or false) upon starting up the application and then hiding/showing this functionality based off that property?


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      That is a better idea Sean. Or as Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager would say, highly efficient. :D That would allow me to disable Print from even showing for non HR. Thanks!