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Troubleshooting Fusion5250 crashes

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  • Troubleshooting Fusion5250 crashes

    Hi Guys,

    I just deployed/began using Fusion5250 at two spots on shopfloor. We run 24/7, so if any stability issues they should show up quickly. I just had a report from user that one of places is working just fine but the other spot "they have been kicked out of Valence" a couple of times.

    At this point, I can't confirm anything. I'm looking for joblogs from crashed jobs or something on the Fusion jobs running but seeing nothing. Also nothing on your Error app in portal. I looked for joblogs on QEZJOBLOG queue, nothing related to Fusion.

    Any tips on where I should look if guys continue to report session crashes? They did mention some error message came up on desktop but they did not record what it said. I'll obviously work on getting that info if problem continues. But again, other workstation doing same thing has had no issues at all, so this is no across the board flaw in Fusion.

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    Please ask your user to clarify what "kicked out of Valence" means. It's possible the issue has nothing to do with Fusion5250 but the Valence Portal session may be timing out or losing connection intermittently. A screen shot or a phone picture of the screen when the problem happens would be very helpful.


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      Will do. The lack of any joblog makes me suspect it is not a Fusion issue. When regular CGI jobs "crash", they hang with MSGW and you get joblog of CGI job. No evidence of this at all. This is shopfloor guy with minimal Windows/browser skills. I had two tabs open for him in Chrome browser, one running our local Sharepoint site and the other Valence session. Could be as simple as him accidentally closing tab. The "error msg" could just be your warning/confirmation you are going to end session.

      We'll know soon enough, I'll post back when I learn more. Just wanted to make sure any Fusion errors weren't logged someplace I wasn't checking. But if I'm understanding what you did with Fusion, it should play by same rules as any other CGI job. Thanks Richard!


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        This turned out to be a false report. Fusion did not crash, either the floor operator accidentally closed his tab for Valence and/or the 2 hour session lock kicked in and confused him. Until Fusion, the floor guys were in and out of Valence quickly when using the apps currently deployed to them. This is first time they logged in for entire shift where session lock would happen.

        BTW, the guys on floor love the concept versus firing up the old IBM Client Access 5250 clients on the Windows desktop. There is no question I can move away from publishing Windows desktops with Microsoft Terminal Server on thin clients just to run IBM Client Access. Tremendous work here, incredible value.


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          Great, thanks for that feedback!