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Question on "Grouping Summary Feature" in a Grid

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  • Question on "Grouping Summary Feature" in a Grid

    I am using the "Grouping Summary Feature" in a Grid to provide a summary "Total" for an Invoice amount column in a grid (example below). The grid is also using a "Paging" Tool bar the bottom of the grid. The paging feature causes the "Grouping Summary" (Total) to be the total of invoices displayed on the current page instead of the total invoices for the date range. Is there a way to display the total amount of all invoices selected when using "Paging" tool or would I need to use a vertical scroll bar?
    I know I could compute the total in the backend and then display the total in a field, but was looking for a quick option. Thanks for your help in advance!

    Grouping Summary Feature.jpg

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    Hi Stuart,

    If you're paging the results then the backend will have to respond with another root for the grouping summary data since it can't do what you want out of the box without all the rows. Grouping Summar Root Docs


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      Thanks for the information Johnny.