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  • Webstorm bug?

    Webstorm upgraded to build WS-191.7141.49 (May 7) yesterday. I'm working on a big app and I created sub directories under store and view directories to hold js files which support sub functions of this app. Several times today, sometimes just clicking or opening something, once when doing Ctl-S to save, several js files showed in tree as with directory icons instead of js source files. And you can't click on them to edit, Webstorm thinks they are directory. If you wait a minute or so, or sometimes just open up something else, they revert back to js and work again. Specifically, it is always the files stored in "hooks" directory and any other js from view directory you happen to have open to edit. They just disappear from edit tabs (they close) and icon reverts to directory.

    You guys seen anything like this?


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    Hi Terry,

    Not sure maybe restart the application or restage "reboot" your machine.