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App that will auto update/refresh on screen

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  • App that will auto update/refresh on screen

    We are looking to build an app containing data concerning warehouse metrics. This app will be displayed in our warehouse on a large screen. We need it to continuously run as long as our system is up and the TV is on.

    What would be the recommendation on how to build this? We have 2 RPG programmers on staff and can build our own app. Or, should we look towards using Nitro Query?

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Not sure the requirements of the application however in Nitro Query App Builder you can set auto refresh on your widgets.


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      Jeremy, I have an app like that running on shopfloor now. I use:

      interval: 20000,
      run: refreshData

      Where refreshData is a variable running a function to make new AJAX calls and refresh charts. Extjs changes so much there may be better ways now, seems like so much of my old stuff gets deprecated. The biggest problem I have with this app is the browser itself. IE wouldn't do it, shut down after 2 hours thinking it was in infinite loop. Well Duh, it is. Chrome works but eventually the Win 7 wireless thin clients themselves run out of resources and crashes. I now have script which forces reboot once a day to clean things up. For most part they work but still have timing issues where wireless doesn't connect fast enough before app tries to run. Then Supervisors have to reboot and try again.

      Point is, Valence and Extjs are easy part of this. :-) Of course, I'm trying to update every 30 seconds, metrics are watching if machines are running on floor and at what speed. Hopefully your requirements not as demanding
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